The Western Bernese Alps

This year Dewi and Haulwyn were staying in Villars in the Swiss canton of Vaud. The classic objective locally is of coure the Miroir d’Argentine, but it was clear that what was required for our trip was some classic, snowy alpine peak bagging. The major such peaks in this corner of the Alps are Les Diablerets, the Wildhorn and the Wildstrubel. We started with Les Diablerets since we could easily do it in a day from the Col du Pillon cable car. It is well worth going over to the Tete de Barme in addition to the main summit, because in my opinion the view from here is far superior, but since rock climbing was not on our agenda we gave the Tour St Martin a wide berth.

Next day we had a scenic car journey to Iffigenalp and a mellow walk to the highly recommended Wildhorn Hut. We chose to make a circuit by climbing the Wildhorn by the North Ridge (Wildhorngrat), totally on rock up to grade II, and descending the glaciers of the normal route. It is a very nice and varied tour, and we had the mountain entirely to ourselves!

Photos here.

Tomorrow I’m returning to Simmental with David and Lawrence to climb the Wildstrubel and Wildhorn.

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