The Island of Rugrats

After quite a lot of faffing around Chris and I finished our trip with L‘île aux Razmokets in the Vallon du Berard. The faffing came about because we had intended to go climbing on the Brevant, but that turned out to be the only place in the entire area that was clagged in. So we ended up needing a quality day to round off the fortnight from a lunchtime start! And spending no money on uplift was high on the aggenda too.

Anyhow, it turned out to be an ideal afternoon route: great climbing, very well equipped, very soft touch 6a (it never actually reaches 6a because of chipped holds), 12 pitches, 320 metres, not a bad day.

Enough said. All the info is in the Vamos Chamonix Valley Guidebook.

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