Sophie – Lots of trips!

Hi Robin,

I hope you are well?  

We finished our third and last day climbing in Scotland yesterday and what a few days it has been!  We really had the most incredible time, a result of being very fortunate with the weather but also a really solid and thorough understanding and foundation of mountaineering.

Throughout our days climbing we often stopped, analysed the situation whether that be the snow conditions, the route, the weather, our gear etc… and made decisions we were comfortable with because we have had such a brilliant and useful training from you.  Upon summitting our first route – the Ledge Route – I felt that was one of the best things I had ever done and in that moment everything felt worth it.  It has been a commitment in terms of time and expense with guiding and gear and it is all worth it when it comes together and we get to achieve such great things.  

We felt safe and strong moving together, after the climbs we spent time analysing our decisions good and bad so we could improve for next time, we loved it and all made possible by the hours we have spent with you in the mountains and the way you have trained us.

Thanks so much Robin.  When you are not there its such a relief to think “what would Robin do” when we are confronted with a situation of concern and feel as though we are able to make good decisions because we learnt how to prepare and look after ourselves properly from you.

We had two friends with us who are novices in mountaineering and I think that really illuminated how much we have learnt and why everything you’ve taught us is so important.

We do still have so much more to learn but for now I wanted to say thanks!

Happy Christmas,


Alpine mountaineering (2 trips), Scottish winter climbing, rock climbing in the Lakes and Peak District 2010-2012

You can watch Sophie’s video of the trip here:

Scottish Winter Climbing – Ledge Route, Ben Nevis