Jon – Greenland Expedition Training

My Greenland trip went really well thanks, although was quite tough at times. Thankfully we didn’t need to use any crevasse rescue but we did have a look into a moulin on the end of a rope, my heart was definitely pumping! I’ve attached a couple of photos for you if you’re interested? And the kit you and the guys at Adventure Peaks suggested were spot on, so thanks for that too! I also went on a hike after my time on the ice on the Arctic Circle Trail, worth a look if you’re ever in Greenland, just don’t do what I did and book a flight for 8 days after you start the trail, take 7 days of food, and realise you probably need 11 days plus to complete it… my feet were sore to say the least!

Keep in touch and best wishes,


Who had a successful trip to Greenland following his Crevasse Rescue Training in 2012