Chris C walking out from the Requin Hut, Chamonix


Personalised Mountain Guiding and Instruction for individuals, couples and groups –

any time, anywhere, by arrangement


All my instruction and guiding is offered on a private, tailor made, bespoke basis. I work independently with individuals, couples and private groups. I will communicate with you personally during the time before your trip to ensure that I understand your requirements, and do everything I can to meet them. I don’t charge any more for extra people, so private instruction and guiding works out very attractive for 2 people booking together: you split my fee between you and still benefit from close attention. Most alpine routes can be tackled on a 1:2 guide to client ratio, so the choice of objectives isn’t usually compromised if there are 2 people.

Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, skiing, skills training; whichever activity you choose and whether you choose to do it in the Lakes, the Alps or further afield, I can work with you in a variety of ways to suit your wishes, needs and aspirations. If you intend to go on and do your own thing in the mountains, I can instruct you and help you gain the skills to do so safely. If it’s more of a guided holiday you are after, I will involve you in the decision making and planning, and teach you to climb with me safely as part of a team. And if you just want to chill out and relax that’s fine. If you prefer this option I can take care of all the arrangements and decisions for you and leave you to simply enjoy the mountains and the climbing. In short, I provide you with a complete guiding service.

When I first set up on my own as an Aspirant Mountain Guide in 1992, I launched my business with a programme of “open” Scottish Winter Skills Courses. These days, I would normally recommend the expeditions and mountaineering company Adventure Peaks, with whom I have close links, to individuals who wish to join an “off the shelf” course.

Being a Mountain Guide is about spending a lifetime in the hills. I enjoy the company of other people who appreciate the outdoors around them as much as I do. I’ve had the pleasure of skiing in the Alps with Alex Heaton, the mountain artist. I own some of his paintings, and if you have an appreciation of the mountain environment I recommend you to visit his website.

I love being a Mountain Guide. It enables me to spend most of my life where I want to be, in the mountains, and to enjoy the companionship of the people I go there with.


Improve your skills and have a great time!