Hornli Jam

Dave and I climbed the Matterhorn last Sunday. We had hoped to do the Zmutt Ridge, which had been in very good condition. However, on traversing the Breithorn as our training climb we realised that significant fresh snow had fallen during a recent spell of bad weather. We suspected that the new snowfall combined with subsequent very warm temperatures had put the Zmutt out of condition, and this was confirmed by a call to Kurt Lauber at the Hornli Hut. We considered various alternative plans, and finally settled for an ascent of the Hornli Ridge. After some light entertainment at Scharzsee (see photo here) we headed up to the hut where I was amazed to bump into Nuru Sherpa, our Sirdar on several trips to Nepal including our 2007 Everest Expedition. Nuru is working at the Hornli Hut this summer.

Dave said this about the Zermatt trip: “Thanks once again for the outstanding time we had again in your back yard.  Shame about the Zmutt plan but it could still be a possibility in future.  A good excuse to keep fit.  What we managed to achieve though was just brilliant.  Great experiences throughout and I feel quite elated at having been to the top of the Matterhorn.  Anna is happy too, and my Mam as well as others.”

Photos here.

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