Conditions on Mont Blanc

There was a serac fall with associated avalanche on Mont Blanc du Tacul yesterday (photo left, helicopter bottom left of avalanche for scale), which triggered a rescue operation but I understand it turned that out nobody was hurt. Skis had been found and people naturally assumed the owners had been buried. However they had left their skis to continue on foot and later returned safely. However this serves as a reminder to take special care, particularly with the  current winter levels of accumulated snow and summer temperatures. I will be avoiding the 3 Monts personally!

I’ve heard there’s a good track on the Gouter Route and parties report good conditions to the summit.

To see more photos from the last week please click here.

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  1. Reinhard

    Dear Robin,

    thanks a lot for this precious info. I plan to summit Mont Blanc next weekend solo and I guess I will take the Gouter route then. If you know more about current conditions, please let me know! Best, Rei

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