Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing in Cogne

Charley and I have just had 3 awesome days on the frozen waterfalls of Cogne. We started with the almost roadside icefalls of Lillaz Cascade, which offer a fantastic introduction to the area. On day 2 we had a slightly longer walk in of about an hour and a half up the valley from Valnontey to climb the regions most popular icefall, Patri. Today we started with a stiff one hour bash up the hillside above Lillaz to climb the superb Lillaz Gully. This is a really beautiful climb with a bit of everything, frozen waterfalls, snow gullies, mixed climbing and turf. After such a fine day we decided we would top it with an equally fine meal in the Hotel de Barme in Valnonty and return to Chamonix tomorrow to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

Here’s a link to the photos: Frozen Waterfall Climbing in Cogne